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In this 5-day CCTV installation training program, you would get to learn the practical experience and comprehensive understanding of CCTV specifications, installation, troubleshooting and support ranging from system planning, design process as well as components specification.
You will have the required hands-on experience to install, setup and maintain the key system components and operations such as cameras, DVR, storage, networking and more.

CCTV is a technology that will continue to play a major role in video surveillance and motoring in homes and offices. Our CCTV installation training program is a combination of 100% practical installation sessions with classroom theories to explain underlying principles and concepts.

Duration and Schedule

The Course runs for 5 Weekdays (Monday to Friday) or 4 Saturdays. Call or Whatsapp 09053832561 for Training Schedule

What you will learn

  • Understand the fundamental elements that make up a CCTV System.
  • Set up a Camera
  • Set up a Monitor
  • Set up Switches
  • Set up Quads
  • Set up Multiplexers
  • Set up recording devices
  • Connect up and test system elements
  • Be aware of the issues associated with lighting and scene illumination
  • Adjust the Back Focus of a lens to prevent picture going out of focus from day to night.
  • Be aware of the significance of the “Operational Requirement” and the EN50132 test protocols
  • Be aware of the relevant standards and issues
  • Use a lens calculator to choose correct lens for particular application
  • Have an awareness of the changing technology and it’s impact on the industry