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Programming, Graphic Design, Video Editing, 2D/3D Animation, and More

Center for ICT Training Abuja

Programming, Graphic Design, Video Editing, 2D/3D Animation, and More


ICT Training, Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Printing…

Graphic Design

Become a Graphic Design Expert




Web design and development


Get a fully responsive leading website with full functionality


Unique high quality graphic designs and cheapest printing rate


Practical based one on one training school in Abuja



Get A Beautiful Corporate Or E-Commerce Website Today

Get an Affordable website for your school or small business today, to improve your online presence and make more gains.

Stellar Technologies and Media

Stellar technologies and media is a registered Nigerian company focus on delivering quality services and service excellence in the information communication technology (ICT) industry.


Blender 3D Animation

Blender 3D Animation

Blender is a fantastic platform which enables you to make AAA-quality models which can be exported to any game engine, 3D printer, or other software.

Java Programming Training Abuja

Java Programming Training Abuja

Java is the world’s most popular programming language—and for good reason. Not only is Java extremely versatile (its use spans from smartphones to smart cards); it has also been used by developers for over 20 years.

PHP Programming Training

PHP Programming Training

PHP powers 78.9% of all websites whose server-side programming language we know. Since PHP is dynamically typed, It means you’re able to come up with a variety of solutions and workarounds for one problem.

1week Intensive ICT Training

“Stay true to your values. That’s why you were a success in the first place, and that’s how you make incredible things happen”


Elementor SEO: How To Optimize Your Elementor Website

SEO is critical to the success of every website, but it is still a mystery to many users. We’ll look at what SEO is, how it affects the website, and how to refine it to get the most out of it and stay ahead of the competition in this post.

10 Critical Tips to Learn Programming Faster

If you have decided to grow your career in the information technology sector, knowledge of coding is essential. It is the most in-demand skill in the industry. Thus, the programming knowledge you gain and practice, in the beginning, is very important.

5 Simple Facts About Data Analytics (Science)

Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, as difference people refer to it, the subject matter has witnessed enormous growth over the last two decades due to the increase in quantity of data, improvement in data collection techniques and methods, and a substantial enhancement in the power of computing data.

What are the Best Applications To Learn Graphic Design as a Designer?

This digital age is ruled by the latest technology and it can be in many different field. The way content is represented graphically too has evolved and are now mostly shared through simple yet compelling graphic designs.

10 Best Basic Computer Courses for Beginners 2021

There are a few independent courses that you can however pursue. In this article, we shall focus on computer courses that you can pursue as a beginner. The article mentions some of the courses that shall be helpful for you in getting a good job and make a great career path.

Computer Programming Careers

Jobs in programming languages have different requirements although the basics are all the same, this guide will teach you the different career paths for a programmer.

Nigeria fall behind in Africa on digital quality of life List

Nigeria is this year ranked the fifth position in Africa and 81st in the world, according to the 2020 Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index, which gives insight into how people’s overall welfare is influenced by their digital well-being.

What is digital marketing: A simple guide.

Here will breakdown digital marketing into an easy to understand explanation, with all the essential types of digital marketing you need to know.

How to design a logo: the best guide

A logo is more than just a picture, but a visual representation of a brand. So if you desire to design a logo that sticks to the mind of millions at first sight, then you are at the right place, this guide will take you through how to design a great logo.

10 Easiest Programming Languages for Beginners

Programming might be quite daunting but it is easier than it seems, though some are not quite comfortable with it, but trust me when exposed to the right teachers or tutorials, you will be pretty good at it, in no time. The following are some of the easiest languages you could start with.

Best Programming Language to Learn! Setting the Foundation

You may be inquiring with yourself what it takes to gain the knowledge and experience required to climb the positions of the tech world.

Employ Skills not degree – Trump signs order in government hiring

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday that will overhaul the government’s hiring practices so that a job applicant’s skills will be given priority over a college degree.

7 Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is utilizing videos to promote and advertise your product or services, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, teach your buyers, consumers and clients, and reach your audience with a modern medium.


Modern skills are emanating from the ICT field in Nigeria and there are a good number of skilled jobs that ICT offered for youths that are yearning genius and master who can make a living out of it.

6 ICT Skills All Graduate Needs in Nigeria

ICT skills are one of the high-speed growing skill-sets today, ICT skills are currently in massive demand around multiple business in the market. ICT has also saturated different job functions.

6 Reasons Why you need a website in the 21st century

Having a website is a necessity in this time and age and it is not what a business will want to be different about (as in to choose not to follow the trend). If a business doesn’t have a website, it a disadvantage.



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Stellar Technologies and Media
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Chimmie M
Chimmie M
10:55 05 Jun 20
Professional tutors, conducive environment and friendly people. Great value for your money
Oluwa Green
Oluwa Green
13:25 28 Feb 20
I so much enjoyed the class and even the way I was thought by the instructor.God bless u guy's
Tope Williams
Tope Williams
13:20 28 Feb 20
My experience with STAMSGROUP has been very educative. I had a wonderful training experience learning about video... editingread more
Stan James
Stan James
18:06 21 Feb 20
I really enjoyed the experience. I was given a great foundation to start building websites on WordPress in just a day.
Praise Nwaka
Praise Nwaka
14:24 06 Feb 20
I highly encourage anyone who is interested in being grounded in ICT to go to STELLAR TECHNOLOGY AND MEDIA. It is a... launching paid into the world of endless possibilities in ICT. Come and be wowed and let your imagination hit another level of possibilities.read more
Emmanuel Azode
Emmanuel Azode
12:38 05 Feb 20
Learning here has been of great help to me. From scratch, I learnt how to design graphics using corel draw and... photoshop. Thanks to the wonderful tutors.read more
Bamidele Fagun
Bamidele Fagun
09:11 07 Jan 20
Stellar Technologies is the best ICT INNOVATE CENTER thanks to them I am now an ICT PROFESSIONAL and I'm self made now
Sunday Chuks
Sunday Chuks
14:03 13 Dec 19
It was a pleasure coming for the free three (3) days IT training with STAM as properly called, i have learnt alot... within the shortest time. I strongly recommend STAM for you out there. Come and be partaker of the good work done by STAM. Cheers.read more
badbishopjahdon .
badbishopjahdon .
09:23 09 Dec 19
The best place for computer training and ICT services
ThankGod Chekube
ThankGod Chekube
16:49 16 Sep 19
Great school. With practical classes. Their web design service is great. I give them 5star for quick response and on... time delivery of jobs.read more
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