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This Microsoft Office training is suited for anyone who wants to improve their skills and master Microsoft Office. where you are a student with loads of computer related works, or a professional who wants who needs staff with MS Office skills. This course is for you. the basic course for those just starting to use a computer can be found here

Microsoft Office courses included

Microsoft Excel

The Basic and Advanced Excel courses will take you from novice to Excel expert. Master the essential skills you need to save time, be more productive, and earn a reputation as the office spreadsheet geek. In the Basic course, you will learn essential functions and formulas, sorting, filtering and creating charts. In the advanced course you will step up your skills to learn VLOOKUP, creating Pivot Tables, and recording simple macros.

Microsoft Word

The Basic and Advanced Word courses will take you from the basics – creating, saving, and sharing documents – to more advanced tasks, like tracking changes, line spacing, automating a table of contents, and more!

Microsoft PowerPoint

In this course you will learn how to create dazzling presentations sure to impress your peers and superiors. You will learn how to use themes and layouts, add audio visual components to your presentation, add animations, print, reuse and copy slides plus more.

Microsoft Access

Ideal if you have an interest in automation but don’t have a background in coding. The course takes you through VBA in incremental steps that are easy to understand and quick to implement. The practical classes teach you how to design tables and build relationships, create forms and reports, make simple and complex queries and created calculated fields, and more!