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computer programming

I believe you already know a little about computer programming, and you are a bit worried if to pursue programming as a full-time career and not just a side project.

Well if that sounds like you, read along, there are plenty of programming careers to pursue but it is best if you are aware of the one that for you before diving deep into your programming lessons.

Computer programmers generally do the following:

  • Write programs in a variety of computer languages, such as python and Java.
  • Create and test code in an integrated development environment (IDE).
  • Use code libraries, which are collections of independent lines of code, to simplify the writing.
  • Test programs for errors and fix the faulty lines of computer code.

Jobs in programming languages have different requirements and needs although the basics are all the same, now let’s dive into the different careers for a programmer.

Top Careers for a Programmer

  • Web Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Security Analyst

Web Developer:

A web developer is responsible for building and developing websites or web applications, their roles varies based on the skill set they have, a web developer can work as a Frontend, Backend or Full Stack developer.

Web development is broken into front end and back end technology. 

Front end or Client Side is the website’s user interface, how it looks and feels, this focuses on a website design that suits the users.

Back end or Server Side is the server-side part of a website that users can’t see, which consists of everything that happens before the website’s page is been displayed. A Full Stack developer works on both front end and back end web development.

Computer Systems Analyst:

This combines both business and I.T knowledge, it is about bridging the gap between the business world and information technology (I.T), they design information systems, and business workflows to help devise more innovative, efficient, and productive solutions for an organization. A system analysts design, develop and implement computer systems. They have to be in pace with the technology trends and be able to work in collaboration with other professionals, they work directly with a business or client to determine their unique requirements and then design and develop a system that best suits them. This career can be sub divided into: program analyst, systems architect and software quality assurance analyst.

Software Engineer:

A Software engineer creates programs that allow computers to function properly. They develop and build system software and application software that runs on computers, mobile devices, video game consoles and so on. Systems software developers also design interface systems that enable users to interact with programs effectively on their computers.

Database Administrator:

A database administrator is responsible for managing or handling an organization’s data, while maintaining a secure database. This role focuses on keeping the integrity, performance and security of a database. They use specialized software to maintain an organization data.

Some professional certifications for database administrator are:

  1. Oracle: Oracle DB Certified Associate, Oracle DB Certified Professional
  2. Oracle: MySQL Database Developer, MySQL Database Administrator
  3. Microsoft SQL Server: MCSE (Data platform and Business Intelligence) and the older MCDBA
  4. IBM: IBM Analytics Certification
  5. MongoDB: Certified DBA, Certified Developer

Information Security Analyst:

A security analyst is someone who looks for means to protect and secure a company’s sensitive information or data from malware, hackers or other cyber attacks. A security analyst does the following: risk assessment, vulnerability test and prevention planning.

Finally, take a look at some job listings and their requirements which are real jobs with real employers. You will be able to see career requirements for employers who are actively hiring. That might assist you choose a computer programming path you will like to follow.