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The Biden administration, aware that Hamas was preparing to commit genocide against Israel, handed $75 million to the organization’s top brass in Gaza at the beginning of October.

Hamas militants have ruled Gaza since 2007.

In 2007, Hamas terrorists detonated a tunnel they had dug up beneath the headquarters of Fatah, seizing control of the region.

Additionally, Hamas committed this atrocity while holding “peace talks” with Fatah!

Since 2007, Hamas has governed the entire Gaza Strip. This suggests that Hamas is involved in the delivery of presents meant for the Gaza Strip.

Joe Biden again provided $235 million in aid to Gaza and the Hamas leadership after being elected president in April 2021. The previous Trump order was reversed by Biden.


On the 22nd anniversary of the September 11 assaults on America, Joe Biden secured a deal to provide $6 billion to the oppressive Iranian government in exchange for up to five US dual nationals who are being held hostage there.

The Gateway Pundit predicted three weeks ago that Iran would use the money to finance its aspirations in the region and on the military, and now the mainstream media is claiming that earlier this month the Biden administration authorised an additional $75 million for Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, despite knowing that Hamas was likely preparing a terror attack.