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Launch your career as a character modeler and work to build a game prototype with a team of your fellow students. Learn the full development cycle of production as you work together to turn your ideas into a playable game.

Learn 3D modeling using Blender. After mastering the basics, you’ll dive into character design. Brainstorm your ideas with hand-drawn or digital concept art. Finish the week by learning game design theory, exploring themes, and developing the art style of the player and non-player character models!. Learn to Animate characters and objects.

Ages group: 13 years and above

Duration: 4 weeks

In this course, you will:

  • Develop hard surface modeling techniques
  • Use polygon and curve modeling tools
  • Learn game design principles and write a game design document
  • Unwrap and texture models for import into Unreal Engine 4
  • Learn to Animate Characters and objects
  • Learn effective techniques to work with a team