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ICT skills are one of the high-speed growing skill-sets today, ICT skills are currently in massive demand around multiple business in the market. ICT has also saturated different job functions, developing from being a specific niche to becoming a basic necessity across different industries.

These skills are also necessary for students entering into the labour market; however, most of them have a misunderstanding of what it takes to be relevant in the labour market. The has created a gap that is significant, and therefore beckons on the academic institutions instigate and introduce ICT skills into their educational system.

6 ICT Skills are:  

1. Microsoft Office

Practically all workers should have some experience with Microsoft Word. However, persons who can carry out mail merges, modify macro scripts, format documents expertly, and carry out other complex functions are most highly recruited. Get certified in Microsoft office tools today, and enhance your resume and hire chances.

2. Programming or the basics of programming

Programming (coding) is gradually becoming an essential skill-set for all industries, and it’s not difficult to see the reason why.  A straightforward definition for it is: it is the understanding of how code works, and the logic behind the development of step-by-step commands to be used by a computer to perform certain functions.  

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3. Social Media

Social media has permeated our lives in so many ways, with 76% of people over the world singing into Facebook every day, and 51% into Instagram. Businesses are looking to use these trends, and graduates, are hence expected to lead this charge since they are younger and use these platforms more. Appreciating the different social media platforms, along with their advantages, limitations and technicalities are important in this regard. And with the ever-changing online landscape, it is also important to be constantly updated and made aware of the latest developments in this field.

4. Analytics

Deducing trends and patterns from data is known as analytics, it is also becoming an enormously appreciated skill-set with high demand. The ability to develop, format, modify and represent data using advanced spreadsheet formulas and functions is especially important in an age where data has evolved into a commodity. The competence, efficiency and effectiveness at which such a task is executed will set graduates apart from their competition, and also increase their productivity in almost all fields of work.

5. Online Collaboration

Online collaboration can be defined as a technology that uses a collaboration software like Zoho CRM software etc. to allow a group of people to work together to achieve the same goal. The members of collaborating group can use the collaboration software to coordinate, communicate, cooperate, share, negotiate and even compete with each other to solve problems. Online collaboration tools have been around for some time now, but it is only in recent years that they have become more relevant with functions such as storage, productivity applications, calendars, web meetings, learning environments. Graduates are now also expected to know how to best employ these tools. A basic understanding of the key concepts related to cloud computing and online collaboration tools are greatly treasured, which can help save both the user’s time, and resources for the organization.

6. Basic image editing

A Student/Graduate may not be looking to practice your craft in a design-centric job, however basic image editing is useful for almost every kind of career, and gives a significant edge over other job seekers. Having a good knowledge of how to use editing programs such as CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, helps prepare the graduates for a versatile career. Aside from creating high-quality work, the fundamentals will also enable them to be able to optimize images for the web and mobile, in diverse formats for diverse situations.

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