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Building and creating wonderful and beautiful websites, creating innovative apps, developing the most recent software—you imagine enormous things for yourself. And that’s great—technology is booming, and skilled software engineers, designers and developers are required across the board.

You may be inquiring with yourself what it takes to gain the knowledge and experience required to climb the positions of the tech world. One of the greatest questions you’ll ask is: Which programming language should I learn?

Learning a programming language is the primary step to breaking into the tech world. You don’t have to know each language ever developed—which would be an achievement in itself, as there are right now over 250 languages, and counting—but knowing the most popular ones for the area you want to go into can be the heads up you need.

So whether you’d like to be a web designer, a back-end developer, an app creator or you just want to learn the most versatile programming languages, we have your answer. The next time you’re pondering, “Which programming language should I learn?” refer to this article to help you decide.

The best programming languages for beginners

For those totally new, experts suggest a few languages to get your feet wet.

1. Python

Python is a popular programming language that is used on websites such as Instagram, YouTube, Reddit and even Google.

It has a large community with lots of resources for using it, and since it is open source, programmers can be part of the continual development of the language.

Python has a a large number of uses, it is use in popular fields such as web and software development inclusively. 

2. Java

Java is good for front-end and back-end [development], and it is a gateway into JavaScript. “Java will also give a novice a head start into C#, which is the language supported by Microsoft and integrates easily with lots of database back-ends.”

Java is rate one of the most popular programming languages, so it therefore is a natural fit for any beginner looking to build an impressive resume.

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The best programming languages if you want to become a web designer

The primary thing to understand when considering web-based languages is that web design and web development are exceptionally distinctive. Web development is usually alluded to as back-end development and is responsible for the actual working of the site. Web design is front-end and responsible for the aesthetics and visual design of the site. Understanding these differences and knowing which side interests you the most will spare you hours of time. With that, here are the best languages for web design.


HTML and CSS are not exactly programming languages, but both are responsible for major part of the visual design of a web page. HTML or hypertext markup language, is responsible for the stylish appeal of a website, including its font, type and background. HTML cannot stand on its own but is often used with other languages, such as JavaScript.

CSS or cascading style sheets, is used for the layout and design of a web page. It is also used for the responsiveness of a site to be used on different devices and screen sizes. It can be used independently of HTML; however, they are usually used together and are essentials for any prospective web designer to learn.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript should Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript is an a must for any future web designer. JavaScript is the language that allows you to control what items on a page do. There are many frameworks for JavaScript too, which streamlines the coding process. Examples of frameworks are AgularJS, ReactJS and EmberJS, these are popular frameworks to consider.

The best programming languages if you want to be a back-end developer

Backend developers have marginally distinctive requirements and aren’t limited by what web browsers support, Hence, the back-end language that you choose depends completely on individual preference and objectives. A few back- end languages are more common than others, so we parsed through the data and found two programming favorites.

1. PHP

PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor, and it is one of the most widely used languages for back-end web development. Whereas it includes a variety of uses, it serves as the foundation for numerous websites, such as Yahoo and Wikipedia. It can be easily embedded into HTML to alter the output of a webpage.

Those looking to learn backend development will discover PHP is a reasonably simple language to learn and can discover examples of it all over the internet.

2. Ruby

Ruby has been surging in popularity for a while. With its framework, known as Rails, Ruby on Rails is a powerhouse language that’s utilized on well known sites such as Hulu and Airbnb. It was designed to be a clean, easy-to use language. It can be used to build a backend API, server or system,”

The best programming languages if you want to make apps

An average Person spends five hours per day on their mobile device, so it’s no wonder that languages particularly for app improvement are booming. Programming languages for apps are somewhat distinctive in that you will need to know the platform on which you’re creating—iOS and Android each have their own defined languages. We found the quickest developing language for each platform to assist you.

1. Kotlin

Kotlin is a relatively new language that shot to popularity after it was accorded the status of an official language of Android. Essentially, it offers the finest parts of Java without any of its drawbacks. It is completely compatible with Java as well- to let you use Kotlin in existing Java code. in case you’re beginning out as an Android developer, Kotlin offers a much superior value proposition than Java.

2. Swift

Swift was developed by Apple in 2014 and has since climbed its way up to become the 12th most well known programming language. Swift is comparative to the Objective-C language but was built to resist more errors than Objective-C. If you’re hoping to create apps on any Apple product, at that point Swift is the language for you.

The best programming languages if you want to create software applications

Software itself is a exceptionally wide field, but when it comes to learning languages for software development, there are many tried and trusted languages that have advanced to be industry standards. So whether you’re hoping to make software for education, communication, manufacturing or another field, you’ll find these languages come in convenient.

1. Java

Java is the most widely used language in the world and is as it were one of the official languages of Android. In reality, even parts of Android OS itself are written in Java. Whereas it is infamous for its verbosity and null point errors, the language is otherwise simple to learn and given its high interportability, comes in helpful when integrating applications with other platforms.

Ranked the most popular programming language, Java is a versatile language used in many different occasions. It is used on a wide range of devices such as Smart TVs, game consoles, Android phones and desktop computers.

2. C++

Based on the C language, C++ supports object-oriented programming, and having an understanding of object-oriented concepts is profoundly looked for within the software world. C++ is an extremely popular language that’s used in about each kind of software.

While C++ may be a bit harder [to learn] than languages such as Python, it prepares software engineers with the skills and knowledge to handle almost any software-related challenge.

Ready, get set, code!

The world of programming is ever-changing, so it’s vital to note which areas you’re fascinated by and embrace those languages and frameworks. While no manager will scoff at a programming language on your resume, knowing the proper ones for the job can put you ahead of the crowd.